John & Ginny’s Garden
July 4th, 2005

We spent a long 4th of July weekend working in our garden.
For eleven straight days rainfall topped an inch and a half each day.
Our flowers thrive on that.

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A Crown of Thorns Cactus3 .JPG (233956 bytes)

Double Hybiscus 1.JPG (289486 bytes)

Double hybiscus 3.JPG (236409 bytes)

Flamingo Plant.JPG (232759 bytes)

Hybiscus at Dawn.JPG (109906 bytes)

Impatients in Ivy.JPG (249528 bytes)

Pineapple Lilly 1.JPG (178003 bytes)

Pineapple Lilly 3.JPG (157070 bytes)

Rex Begonia.JPG (170491 bytes)

Shrimp Plant 1.JPG (158427 bytes)

Sundial Hybiscus 3.JPG (143293 bytes)

Sundial Hybiscus.JPG (287556 bytes)

Type of Bromeliad 3.JPG (220259 bytes)

White Hybiscus 2.JPG (100611 bytes)

Wydellia Bed.JPG (340626 bytes)

Yellow Hybiscus.JPG (213151 bytes)


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