My Last Blatant Sales Pitch Of The Year

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Please buy one of my books.

They are good books.


You’ll find my books at .


A recent e-mail from Lulu Press, the company I use to print the books I publish, urged me to push my books as Christmas gifts. So, I’m trying my hand at writing copy for a sales ad; I’ll get back to real writing after the holiday.

I promise not to run another sales pitch until I run my Super Bowl commercial.

Today I offer four incentives to lure readers to buy my books.

Incentive One— A Free E-book. The first thing I did, back before Halloween,  was to make my book, Gravedigger’s Christmas available to readers as a free e-book in pdf format on my blog sidebar. That way readers can sample this true Christmas story to see if they’d like to buy the whole print book at , my online catalog. To download your free electronic copy, click the free book link underneath the sidebar picture of the reader getting hit by lightening.

Incentive Two— A 20 Discount. I made arrangements with the printer to sell print copies of my books at a 20% discount from now until December 31st. Click on to take advantage of this 20% discount.

Incentive Three— Free Shipping For A Limited Time. When you order one of my books at between now and December 6th, Lulu Press offers Free Ground Shipping. Just enter the code SLEIGHRIDES at check out.


Incentive Four— Sample Catalog.  I encourage readers to visit my on-line book catalog at to browse through the eight pages of books I have either written or edited to see if, among the more than 20 books listed, there’s a book suitable for yourself or as gift for someone you know.

But, I decided to show a couple of my book covers right here so that refined, discerning readers with excellent taste (Marketing says to butter readers up) may get an idea of which of my books to buy. Fuller descriptions of each title are in the catalog at, you guessed it, at . Click on any book cover to enlarge.

Who do you know who feels down, hurting, or just blue this season?

They might enjoy Seasons Along The Way. Last year I edited and published Barbara White’s Along The Way series of four books. Thousands of readers have found her award-winning newspaper columns uplifting. I suspect that Barbara’s books may become Christian classics.

Available at

Who do you know who is a Civil War buff?

Rebel Yell, the Civil War Diary of John Thomas Whatley, CSA has never been published before. Whatley a Confederate soldier kept his diary during the defense of Savannah. He served throughout the war. Yankees killed him on the very same day Lincoln was shot.

Available at

Do you know a fireman?

My book Heroes All: A History of Firefighting In Jacksonville covers the development of firefighting techniques used everywhere. But my book dwells more on heroic acts of firefighters (and fire horses) than on equipment. I think this is a good book for a firefighter’s family to learn about what really happens at work.

Available at

Who do you know who’s a teacher?

Teachers may enjoy reading William F. Short’s 1854 Diary. The poor guy was a teacher who struggled to decide which girl to marry. Then when he did propose, the couple spent their wedding night stuck on a sandbar in the Mississippi River. His diary also talks about his school’s problems—pretty much the same as today’s.

Available at

Who do you know who could use some inspiration? Who hungers after God?

Seeking A Settled Heart: the Diary of the 16th Century Puritan Richard Rogers may be just the thing. From long ago and far away this man’s diary speaks deeply to my own heart.


Available at

Of all the books I’ve written or edited, my own favorite is Glog: A Dinosaur Novel Of Sorts. This book tells the adventures and misadventures of a dinosaur as he looks to find guidance from the Lord without having a clue on how to go about it. The creature falls into all sorts of trouble in his quest. Why doesn’t God send him more muskrats? My wife says Glog is the most autobiographical of my books.

Available at

Speaking of biography, who do you know who could use encouragement in the midst of troubles?

Portions of my book Strangers On The Earth: A Collective Biography Of People Whose Faith Got Them Into Trouble seem to be uplifting for readers in all parts of the world. Readers are sure to find kindred spirits in these pages.

Available at

And, do you know some dirty old man?

Being one myself, I’ve published my own diaries each year in my series, A Dirty Old Man Gets Worse. The books cover from 2005 to 2011. The books in this series reveal my own struggles with life, temptation, poverty and my obscene craving for donuts. And the pages include many of my best jokes which are world renowned for being awful.

Available at

OK—That’s my blatant sales pitch. Please browse through my catalog at and buy something.

Oh, and by the way, many of my books appear as e-books in pdf or in e-pub editions as well as real hands-on-books you can read in bed, bus or bathtub. Be sure to check which kind of book you are buying, because I don’t understand e-book stuff myself.

Keep an eye out for my next commercial for during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. I promise not to write another sales pitch till then.


• Please, visit my website for more and feel free to look over and buy one of my books, posted by John Cowart. Or contact John at johnwcowart (at) gmail (dot) com.

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