Rearranged Furniture, and the Monkey Church

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First, let me say that I am not mentally confused.

Although my arthritis pain causes me to stagger a bit at times.

Thursday a week ago, I rearranged furniture in my house to make room for a sofa which Patricia and Rob planned to give me to make my home safer and more convenient..

That Friday, Patricia, Rob, Fred, John, Jennifer, and Brandon delivered the sofa and rearranged my furniture again to make my home safer and more convenient..

Let me say again that I am not mentally confused.

The following Thursday, I cleared office supplies out of a chest and moved a bookcase to store those supplies in.

That Friday, Eve picked up the chest to deliver to Marci in Atlanta. Eve helped me rearrange bookcase and furniture to make my home safer and more convenient.

Let me say again that I am not mentally confused.

Sunday, Jennifer came over to help me clean my aquarium and move furniture again to make my home safer and more convenient.

Yesterday, Fred cooked a lavish breakfast at my house for me, Wes, John, Donald and Helen—who decided to rearrange my furniture to make my home safer and more convenient.

I am not mentally confused. Although I have been distracted by anxiety over those tax problems which Ms Amy solved for me last week. In fact, no sooner than I left her office, than my mind jumped to the solution of a structural problem in the manuscript I’ve been proofing the past few weeks.

And yesterday computer geeks in the group solved a formating puzzle for me and advised Wes on an I-Pad thing for his 86-year-old father.

Anyhow yesterday, the ones in the Monday breakfast gang who attend Jacksonville’s Christ Church Anglican critiqued their feed the poor program. Donald & Helen provide leadership and financial backing; Fred and John cook and do the hands-on work. My role in that ministry is to arrive at the church at 6:30 a.m. Sundays and look decorative.

The group decided that the pilot program has served its purpose and we will curtail activities till the congregation finishes the move to the new building site next month.

Donald and I told about buying 50 bananas on Saturday for the poor people’s breakfast last Sunday. In the Publix checkout line, a lady eyed our cart and said, “You must really like bananas”.

I said, “They’re for a church thing”.

“Making a big banana pudding,” she said.

“No,” I said. “We attend the Monkey Church”.

Does that count as witnessing?

Donald told the breakfast group that if anyone ever asks what denomination we are, we can say we are Simians!

And we are installing a stained glass window depicting Saint Jane Goodall!

And we don’t have a bishop, we have a Primate!

Poor Helen groaned.

She’s always wondered what goes on at these breakfast meetings—for years a bunch of us eat breakfast somewhere on Mondays then gather at my house for no reason other than we enjoy eachother.

Yesterday we all talked about the meaning of Holy Communion for each of us. Wes provided background from different theologians and doctrinal prospectives. He said that we are to do it because Jesus said to. We show forth the Lord’s death till He come again.

Someone linked Christian communion and the Jewish Passover.

I told about my most precious experience of Communion with Ginny just days before she died. I wrote about that Communion on March 30th last year (at )

Over yesterday’s breakfast we roared with laughter again and again as we discussed computer stuff and worship, and food trucks, and history, and jokes, and love, and health.

Breakfast lasted till nearly 2 p.m. just because we were having so much fun.

Pipe and cigar smoke thickened the air till Helen opened windows as she supervised guys moving chairs, tables and my furniture around to make my home safer and more convenient.

All these folks who love me expressed concern about some dizzy spells I’ve had recently. I’ve wobbled a bit recently, but I assured them that I’ve suffered these things periodically for years and I do not need to see another doctor.

They expressed concern about my sight and my mental state…

I am not senile; I am not blind; I am not mentally confused…

Although for some reason I do keep bumping into furniture.


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  1. Wes
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 20:24:08

    Disclaimer: I was not involved in any of the furniture re-arranging.