A Satisfying Tramp In The Woods

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Once I scrambled over the guard rail and down the embankment, I realized I’d done a dumb thing.

Let’s face it, I use a motorized recliner lift chair to stand up in my own living room, and, at a recent Sunday service in church, the minister brought the bread and wine to me in my pew because I had trouble walking up as far as the altar—yet, yesterday here I was off the road in a wooded area using my cane to hobble down into a swamp of semitropical jungle… and no one in the world knew where I was.

Yesterday as I ran needed errands all over the city, I decided to visit Ginny’s grave, a thing I do a couple of times a week. On the drive there in a side trip, I’ve often noticed a bronze historical marker on Lenox Avenue, but I’ve never before stopped to read it; it’s buried a bit back in the bushes at the Cedar Creek Bridge.

It marks the spot of a Civil War skirmish when defenders droved yankee invaders back into enemy occupied territory in Jacksonville.

Skirmish At Cedar Creek

From the marker I noticed an overgrown path leading steeply down into the creek bed.

On a whim. the insane thought occurred to me that if I sat on a post, I could swing my legs over the rail and explore the steep downward path. Surely there are no snakes in that undergrowth. And I’m a man. I’m only 75. I can make it down there… and at least most of the way back up to the road.

You know, being a Christian does not necessarily make you smart.

So, not exactly being led by the Holy Spirit, in only four tries, I managed to wallow my arthritic legs over the barriers, over fallen logs, down the muddy downgrade and into the swamp. I batted vine tangles out of the way with my cane.

Nothing to it.

God wouldn’t let anything bad happen to a Christian…

Would He?

I stood on the creek bank, swarmed by buzzing mosquitoes, watching a moccasin’s ripple through the dark water near the far bank. And I envisioned the fight on this spot a hundred years ago.

I felt pleased with myself that I’d taken this mini-adventure.

And yes, I did finally wallow out of the swamp where Confederate soldiers once bogged down. Except for the present day bridge, I felt I was slipping in that same historic mud.

A dumb thing to do.

It was worth the effort.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vanilla
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 08:24:05

    So you are saying that some actions are dumb, but meritorious?

  2. John M. Cowart Johnny
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 23:02:45

    Rats! You called that morning and asked if I’d like to go along with you. I got the voice mail later that day.

    I wish I’d been up to answer the phone.

    I do see now that someone should go with you on trips 🙂 Even short ones!

    Not because you will crawl yourself into a ditch and die from a snake bite or anything. But to document and share in all of your grand adventures. I’m truly sorry I missed going down that bank with you Dad.

    And I’m so happy that this adventure was documented for the world to know what us christians do in our spare time.

    Love you Dad.