The Voice Of Bread

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sicne I’ve been a frreelance writer for over 30 years, it might be a good idea if someday I learned how to type.

Having just finished a 200+ page book on the history fo a local chuech, I’m ready to investigate ways to get anothe4er book written, but as I age, my figngers swell bigger and my mind bloats and my typing suffers.

So, Monday two fo my sones, John and Fred, said they’d introdufce me to a way to meerly dictate my pages without typing.

I WENVISION3ED recflining in my easy chair dictatioing my future books to a buxsom blond secretary who’d hang breathless on my eve4ry word jotting down my wisdom on her steno pad balanced on the nylon-clad knees showing beneath her short, skintight skirt.

Not so.

Instead, the guys brought out this computer thingy called Voice Recfognition Software. And you talk to it, and like the RCA dog of yesteryear, it hears its master’s voice, and types the words it hears on the computer screen.

A wonder of communication….


You need front teeth top talk computeresee.

Anytime, I’d say my son’s name—Fred–the machine translated that word into Bread.

The computer screen fidlled with word jumbles worse than my typing.

I wonder, in the future, should I continue to finger type then go back to edit and correct a few typos and one or two spelling errors—like I’ve done with this posting—or should I speak with the Voice of Bread?


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  1. vanilla
    Aug 06, 2014 @ 08:26:29

    It’s a conundrum.