A Lovely Dream

Friday, August 8, 2014

I dreamed that Ginny and I walked down a hospital corridor headed toward her room. My arm circled her waist supporting her as she snuggled her head cozy on my shoulder.

We passed a lounge and I offered to seat her there but she felt too weak and wanted to go on to her bed. A nurse carrying a glass of orange juice rushed past remarking, “At least he made it to the bathroom”.

We walked past the nurses’ station where my friend Mark, pastor fo the church I attend, was speaking to a circle of people dressed in blue scrubs. He paused in what he was saying and pointed to us. He said, “There walking, is love defined”.

All the doctors and nurses turned to look at us—then, I woke.

Speaking of Mark, last Sunday, his sermon spoke to my condition; in his series on the Book Of Proverbs, he talked about laziness.

He said we are saved by faith but God has work for us to do. Mark likened this dichotomy of faith and work to the pedals on a bicycle: it takes both to go anywhere.

Diver on bike

Mark’s sermon points formed an acrostic from the word L.A.Z.Y.

Let your work be for God.

Apply Effort.

Zoom past excuses– the congregation cheered and clapped at his thinking of a Z word and he took a bow. But his point was that I can always find a reason not to do right. “The lazy person is full of excuses, saying, ‘If I go outside because there might be a lion on the road! Yes, I’m sure there’s a lion out there”! (Proverbs 26:13)

You are a child of God—Mark differentiated between laziness and limited actions because of depression. “Exercise faith in spite of (falsely perceived) reality,” he said. “Be gentle with yourself during temporary down times, but don’t quit. Don’t beat yourself up. But get back on the bicycle when you are able”.

See how much our heavenly Father loves us, for He allows us to be called His children, and we really are… We can’t even imagine what we shall be like when Christ returns. But we do know that when He comes, we will be like Him for we will see Him as He really is”. (I John 3:1-2).

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  1. Eve
    Aug 09, 2014 @ 19:24:38

    I agree with both Marks and what they both said : )