Familiar Sights

To say that my parents were comfortable with one another was an understatement.  It was unusual to see one without the other.  Much more familiar was the sight of them together holding hands, kissing, talking or cuddling.  It was often that I would hear about how they had been out to this place or that place and be asked if they were newlyweds or how long they had been married.  To them, it was nothing beyond the enjoyment of being with your spouse.  I doubt that they considered it extraordinary.  It is something that I think effected all of us kids when it came to looking for a significant other.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I am pretty sure my prayers about that topic often referred to wanting a relationship like Mom and Dad.  Not that it was easy or second nature.  But they saw something within the other person that made the effort worth it.  Something to be treasured.  Something that made every day an adventure and a chance to learn anew about the other.  So today, I post a couple of pictures of some newlyweds who spent each day as if it was their first day of marriage.


Ginny and John 43 anniversary GCSP

Still in love Ginny & John at Luminaries 12.18.11 Gin in hospital More-than-friendship image image image

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  1. Jennifer Wilson
    Mar 31, 2015 @ 22:10:36

    AWESOME blog!! What a truly awesome couple! You and Mark remind me of the best parts of mom and dad minus the poverty and maybe a slightly bit more normal! LOL!

    I don’t think I have ever run across two people more devoted to showing eachother daily that they really loved eachother. Even on days they didn’t like eachother, which were few and far between.

    We were truly blessed to grow up with the dinosaurs. (Mom and Dad used to joke they were dinosaurs, I finally get it now.)