Fantastic Father

Neither Father’s Day or Mother’sDay had a big influence in our family.  Sure, we did the card or presents but it was never really a big deal.  But we always knew that they were wonderful parents even if we didn’t make a big deal about their day.  So here’s one example of dad being a fantastic father.

I have never been a loud person.  I do it for my job or sometimes around my sisters, I am louder but it doesn’t feel natural to me to be loud.

So Dad took me out on “dates”.  We would go out to lunch just the two of us.   And we would talk or I would talk and he would always listen to me.  I didn’t have to be loud to be heard.   My favorite time was when he took me out to experience a poo-poo platter for the first time.  He had written to me about it while we were visiting Grandparents in Maryland.   Apparently, he had tried it at a local Chinese restaurant and was going to take me out to have it when we came back.  It was this funny sounding dish and it was fun experiencing it with Dad.  They basically bring out this tiny little charcoal grill to your table and you get to cook or warm up your own food.   We cooked and ate and talked.  It wasn’t an everyday experience but it always made me feel so special.  Not the what we did but the taking time out of everything and everyday stresses to be listened to by my dad.  He was and is a fantastic father (as explained in the picture below) and I miss him every day.  I drew it while he was sitting at his desk working but decided that he might not be recognized if I didn’t include a drawing of his face.  It was published in the Pennywhistle Press (a local kids insert) in 1984 and this copy hung up at my parent’s house for almost as long : )


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