Father’s Day by Jennifer

Father’s Day

Today is bittersweet.

I celebrate the super dad we had. I cry for my awesome batty-daddy I miss. I mourn for those who had sucky fathers, or no father at all. I cheer for the men who are trying everyday for their kids!

There have been so many emotions I have gone thru this week.

I didn’t think it would bother me on Monday when I looked at the calendar. Tuesday, I thought all day how wonderful God our father is. I said prayers for Fred and Johnny. Wednesday, I was missing Donald so I sent him a card. Thursday I felt bored, grouchy, hungry (well, that’s most days!). Friday, Eve and I enjoyed spending the day together. Saturday, I laughed and vented with Patricia calling. Sunday, Father’s Day, I have cried with Terri and am heading out to put flowers on the headstones.

Last year, our last Father’s Day with dad, we all met at Arden’s. The restaurant was hot, packed, busy. I know I got dad something, but I can’t remember. I remember he was in so much pain walking. He was in so much pain missing mom. Dad was happy just being with each of us hearing our inane chattering. Asking each of us what was going on in our lives. He always loved celebrating us, our family.

I told dad many times that if everyone had a dad like him the world would be a better place.

Dad humbly reminded me he was human. Dad never realized how great he was to so many. I am proud that in the last months of his life, he finally began to see how loved he was. He said “All I’ve ever done is be me. I didn’t do anything special for folks.”

Sometimes you get a glimpse of how the threads in your life build and entwine to impact others. I think that was a gift the Holy Spirit gave dad.
Our blessing was having him as our dad. Dad never stopped reminding us that God,our Father is perfect. God loves you unconditionally.

God loves you when you don’t get it.
God celebrates your joys.
God knows your pain,sorrow, losses, sins.
God knows the core of you. The you that no one sees. The you He created.
You will always be the one He designed and purposes to thread in this world.
On this Father’s Day, I hope the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to those who love you, especially your Father.

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