Moving memories.

I spent the past few days moving apartments, packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes. In a flurry of dust and cat hair, my wife and I moved our stuff, and cats and memories.  It has been almost a year since Dad died and I was given gentle reminders of it all through the move. Things that he had left to me as mementos of his life that he wanted me to have, and things I had to move.

Each thing had some memory, some condensed piece of history, a fragment of a life, boxed up, picked up and relocated, then came unpacking. Deciding if something was still really important, did it have a value to me beyond the idea that Dad wanted me to have it.  Forcing myself to re-evaluate what is important, one box at a time, with a flood memories of growing up, life and Dad all yelling for their prominence in my head.

All this to say that Dad is still remembered.  Some kind person sent a donation to Dad’s e-book fund, that I had totally forgotten about.  I removed the donation links from those pages, and as part of moving have closed the comments on the site.  Hopefully Dad’s site will continue to provide inspiration and information. If you need to reach me, you can find me or Jennifer or Eve or Patricia or John, or Fred (Ok, maybe not Fred) on Facebook.  Please drop me a line if you need to reach me there,

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