Jen’s Thanksgiving Post

Well we have made to nine months post dad passing away. It feels surreal that we are without him and mom to call, read his blogs, or get the spur of the moment lets go out to eat calls. There is so much I miss, we all miss.

Patti told me that she and Eve were discussing how odd it is from last thanksgiving to this one. What a difference a year can hold. 15710140327_38ba094935_k
Last thanksgiving, dad wanted us all to gather together for a Cowart family Thanksgiving vacation. It was awesome! We gathered, ate, laughed, had a scooter train,and fellow shipped together in a cabin at Suwannee river state park. Dad had us promise that we would do this every year in his and moms memory of their anniversary. From past blogs, you might know that very November mom and dad took an anniversary vacation. They planned all year and looked forward to those times so much.
cowart kids 1979
This year has flown by, it’s strange when you are a kid, a year seems like forever. Christmas is so far away to wait for. As an adult my days rush and stream one into another and holidays approach way faster each year that passes. I am dreading the holidays this year. I know that is a normal part of grief. I miss my family so much. I have so many memories full of joy, laughter and time together, I miss being that kid watching mom and dad trying to hide gifts, devotions after supper every night like clockwork. I miss hearing jones station on the radio when I would take a nap in mom and dads bedroom. I miss watching dad chase mom in the kitchen when she was trying to cook. I miss mom’s roasts and dad’s slumgullion. There is so much that I can’t begin to write. cowart kids 1980

So this year thanksgiving will be different. None of us could do a vacation together in November, but Me, Eve, Mark, Aunt Rikki and Aunt Julie were able to get together in September at Patti and Rob’s in Chatham, Illinois. I have so many happy memories to be thankful for. I have my siblings, family and friends that share the happy memories with. We might not be able to be all together this year, but thankfully for technology, we will skype together and plan for next years vacation to reconnect with each other. I am so thankful for a mom and dad that gave me a super childhood and family and friends to continue sharing with.

Happy thanksgiving and remember that the connections you have are so precious.  Mom and dad taught us that valuable lesson.

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Two years – Two months

Today, April 22, 2015, is the two year anniversary of mom’s passing and two month anniversary since dad passed away.

Strangely, Eve, is in the hospital due to an emergency gallbladder bursting. Eve said it feels “surreal” to be in the hospital today. When we first heard Eve had gallbladder issues, Patricia and I immediately worried about gallbladder cancer because of mom’s rare bile duct cancer. I even asked her surgeon to check out her insides while he was in there anyway to be sure!

Strange where your mind goes in grief!

Thankfully, Eve is doing much better and should go home to recuperate.

Dad wrote every month in his personal calendar on the 22nd, Ginny’s been gone one month, two, twelve…etc all the way till February 22 when he passed.  On the 22nd, Dad would go visit mom’s resting place. He often went other times because he missed her so.

We all knew he was holding on for something when he was at the end. The goodbyes were said. His body was failing. We realized that he was holding on to pass on the 22nd. We tried to lie and say it was the 22nd on the 21st, but dad’s always know when their kids fib.

I think it was another way dad wanted to be joined to mom. Theirs was such an amazing love. Us kids and everyone who knew mom and dad witnessed that deep love they shared.

So the 22nd is not just a sad reminder that they are gone…it is also a reminder of a beautiful love.

A love that lives on in our hearts, in our memories. We feel their love with us still.

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• Please, visit my website for more and feel free to look over and buy one of my books, posted by John Cowart. Or contact John at johnwcowart (at) gmail (dot) com.

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