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Monday, July 11, 2005

Rainy Days With Ginny, Dennis & Sherlock

Ginny & I hunkered down for the weekend like squirrels snuggled in a hollow tree. Our only venture into the outside world was a trip to the library where we checked out an armload of books & videos.

We watched weather reports on Hurricane Dennis, but if we had not owned a tv, we would never have known there was a hurricane at all. At our home, it was just a gray, rainy, blustery day – perfect for reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries, which I did all weekend.

The only hurricane related problems we noticed were a few downed branches (one did hit the roof and another punctured the pool liner). Blowing rain did flow under the door of my outside office and a few books and papers got wet (worried about mildew and mold now). But, essentially, no major problems at all.

It felt a little weird during our devotions Sunday night to pray being thankful that the storm hit somebody else instead of us. Pretty selfish, huh. But that’s the way my prayers are.(O, and God bless those poor bastards in the Panhandle – better them than us).

Among the library videos we started to watch but cut off after a brief time were several recent Hollywood films classified as “Romantic Comedy”. They were neither romantic nor comic. In fact I have seen outright porno films with more wholesome moral values. At least in the porno films lust or fun motivate the couples; in these “romantic comedies” greed, sleaze, deceit, cheating, a desire to undercut and corrupt, , and a theme of “noble adultery” motivate the couples. We found these Hollywood films too offensive to finish watching. Yet, other people apparently find them enjoyable – to each his own taste, I suppose.

We did really enjoy watching Spiderman 2 and The Wind And The Lion. Great fun both.

Sunday morning the kids all got together for a breakfast out at the Golden Coral buffett; they called inviting us but we were too comfortable in our own little nest and passed on the invitation. They report that they had a riotous good time. But on this rainy day, Sherlock Holmes held more appeal for me.

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At 8:42 AM, Blogger K Jones said...

John, as an aside, I heard that the author Caleb Carr recently wrote a Sherlock Holmes mystery in the style of Sir A. C. Doyle. I don't know how good it is as it has mixed reviews, but it might be fun for you to check it out.

At 9:05 AM, Anonymous john cowart said...

Thanks for the tip; I'll check it out.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Jaws said...

I love rainy days. I love them. They are peacful.

Have you heard they are making a movie out of Narnia? Due out in theaters Dec or Nov.

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous john cowart said...

C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia are among my favorite books; I re-read them often.


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