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Monday, August 11, 2008

Where To From Here?

This weekend I hunched over my computer keyboard trying to figure out where to go from here.

If our friend Adam, who recently graduated with a degree in computer science, can repair my broken hard drive, then I plan to finish the book on Jacksonville’s fire department history. If the thing is too broken for him to restore, I’ve outlined another novel to write.

But, in outlining this novel and profiling characters and setting up scenes, I discovered that my initial premise is not true.


I attempt to be an honest man and enough false ideas float around in the atmosphere already, so it goes against my grain to promote an idea that I don’t believe is not true.

But this is a novel, a work of fiction. Nobody believes a make-believe story. Yes a novel should be true to life but it is a work of the imagine. The rabbits in Richard Adams’ Watership Down act real, but no one is lead astray into thinking real rabbits talk.

Nevertheless, I feel uncomfortable promoting a false premise.

So, I hunch brooding over my computer.

Waiting for word from Adam as to whether or not he can restore my history files.

I’ve been at this thing too long.

I’m beginning to atrophy.

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