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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another Beautiful Day

Saturday morning Ginny and I transplanted a few trees and bushes in the garden.

At lunchtime we didn’t even clean up or dress but drove up to Dave’s Diner in our gardening clothes; the waiters teased us about looking like bums. Very perceptive of them.

Ginny carried a murder mystery and I carried a book of Florida fossils; we spent a couple of hours sipping tea, munching fries and reading our books hardly speaking. True intimacy.

Back home we went swimming and talked about bees.

The stupid bugs drown themselves trying to drink from our pool even though I put shallow bowels with sponges on the deck for them. We constantly rescue floundering bees but we miss a lot of them. The hive must be nearby but I haven’t found it yet.

After a nap we browsed through a book on Florida shrubs trying to identify some of the flowers we grow in our yard but don’t know the names of.

Thus we spend a day of intense intimacy and communication hardly doing or saying anything.

This amounted to another of our best days ever.

Sometimes marriage gets better and better.

Oh, also, the owner of a local bookstore called asking me about stocking some of my books because he’s had several people ask for them. That’s a first. Usually I’m the one pushing my book sales, so I’m really flattered at this role reversal. Hope something good comes of it. We’ll see.

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At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Sweetie said...

Sounds wonderful!

You know you're close when you can just BE with one another and not feel the need to fill it with speaking...so healthy...thanks for sharing your lovely day.


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