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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Barometer In My Joints

Except for rain last night and this morning, even though Jacksonville was projected to be in the direct path of Tropical Storm Alberto, we would not know the storm existed if we did not watch tv news.

Broadcasters wet themselves in excitement over the storm, but from my own windows I see no sign of it.

The rain falls in a steady drizzle soaking into the ground in a way that our grass and garden appreciates because we have seen virtually no rain in the past 40 days. But TS Alberto now breaks the drought.

On the down side, the weather aggravates my arthritis something fierce. I normally live with a constant low-grade pain that hardly ever relents (a great excuse for my grouchiness). I’ve never before seen any correlation between pain and weather so this upsurge surprises me. But it gives me something new to gripe about.

I’d like to blame my spiritual malaise on chronic pain. But in reality I find little connection between body and spirit; most times, I can be a grouch when I’m not hurting at all. Other times, I feel close to the Lord even when I’m in pain.

I’m making too much of this.

I’m never in that much pain.

My doctor’s advice is to stop whining, live with it, and when it gets bad to take an Aleve . He says I have only a mild case of degenerative arthritis.

All I can say is, “God bless the poor souls who have it bad”.

Our middle daughter came over to do her laundry Sunday night. Her blog (at http://www.eveyq.blogspot.com/ )reflects more of a spiritual depth than anything I have to say this morning.

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Sometimes it just feels good to complain.
It's good if our complaint sessions only last a short time, though. :)
I'm glad you got some much needed rain. I hope this hurricane season is kind to you.


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