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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Audio Experiment: Two Fat Guys Talking

Once a week or so my friend Wes Bassett & I get together for breakfast and conversation. We often talk about theology.

My son Donald encouraged us to record some of our talks. He wants to turn these into a fascinating, professional quality podcast to be named "Two Fat Guys Talk Theology".

We've tried audio files several times in the past, but screwed up because we don't know enough about computers (or theology) to make the thing work.

Recently Donald installed a new microphone thingy on my computer so now we can do audio files -- maybe.

Of course, today's topics ranged from cooking on wood stoves and brewing moonshine whiskey to training teams of oxen. What inspired these topics was that last week Wes drove from Jacksonville, Florida, up to the Foxfire Museum in northern Georgia.

No theology at all today. But that's the way it goes when friends get together to laugh and talk with no agenda or rehearsal.

So here goes a try (Takes about 80 seconds to download) at a 17-minute audio file on old time country stuff:

!!! Sorry. Screwed up again -- only half the conversation plays before the tape? or whatever it's called on a computer? goes into a loop repeating from the start... I'll ask Donald to get it right as soon as possible.

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At 5:34 PM, Blogger Jaws said...

Wow 98 and had 23 babies. Lord help that woman! When everyone is not pulling on my sleave chanting FEED ME I will listen more. Its very interesting.

On a side note I would love to see the average 14 year old live with out electric in todays world..LOL

At 8:32 AM, Blogger slackv said...

Yeah, that's a lot of babies. I copied the audio to my ipod and listened to it on the way into work this morning. I'll have to check on why it only got the 16 minutes in. I'm glad you were able to do it Dad. It's really cool.


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