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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Guy Stuff/ Girl Stuff

Donald amazed me today.

He came over about 8 a.m. to do computer stuff for me. He designed some book covers I need and did all sorts of esoteric stuff with my computer, working on it all day. Considering that he gets about $50+ an hour for outside consulting, this represents an enormous investment of time, cash and energy on his part.

It was such a pleasure to watch him work. On one project he blended a photo of a swimming muskrat into a different photo of a swamp for the cover of my novel, Glog. I couldn’t imagine attempting such a complex task; I marveled at his skill and efficiency.

Not only did he craft photos and covers and help me structure the manuscript, but he also made astute suggestions both for the writing and the business aspects of my projects. It behooves me to pay attention when he speaks.

He came up with a subtitle: Glog, A Dinosaur Novel… Of sorts. That’s the title of my next book. It’s about a sentient dinosaur who prays for divine guidance.

I would never be able to get any of my recent book written without Donald’s help and encouragement. Although I rather suspect that I drive him nuts because he will teach me how to do something but my mind can’t retain the information and Donald has to teach me the same things over and over again.

I exasperate him.

While Donald and I worked posting Letters From Stacy, (which we think has no realistic market not being of interest to anyone but me) Ginny cleaned the bathroom and hung the new curtains. Her work makes the room look so much larger and brighter.

After Donald left, we met the four girls (Patricia’s back from college for the weekend) for supper at a Chinese buffet.

There, Ginny reigned as the center of attention. All the girls questioned her about babies. They asked how much they weighed at birth? How long was her labor? … All sorts of baby questions.

I had nothing at all to contribute to that conversation.

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At 11:09 PM, Blogger K Jones said...

John, could you send Donald right over. I can't pay his asking price, but if you'll vouch for me I am sure he would be willing to help me for free.

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous john cowart said...

Sorry, Grampa Jones, I wish I could keep him here by my own desk all the time. It's a shame we aren't rich and that he has to work for a living. I've got enough stuff to occupy him for months!


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