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Thursday, July 14, 2005

But, Will It Float?

A book manuscript resembles a fully rigged clipper ship.

Once all the lines, ropes and stays are in place, if you adjust the tension on one, you must change the tension on all the others too.

Last night I finally finished my sixth or eighth edit of the Stacy Letters. Thanks Be To God! Now comes the scary work of adjusting details without screwing up the whole thing and sinking the ship.

King Solomon said, “Of the making of many books there in no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh”.

He hit the nail on the head!

Still remaining for me to do:

Writing an introduction; getting an ISBN; registering copyright and applying for a Library of congress catalogue number; e-mailing text to Wes (Thank God he volunteered) for proofreading; removing invisible graphic frames; converting to a pdf for the printer; adjusting the kerning; generating an index; praying for potential readers; rechecking pagination; wording a dedication; pricing; and writing a marketing blurb…

Nothing to it.

Except that I’m scared to touch the thing again for fear of knocking down the whole tower of cards.

Oh well, the Lord Jesus got me this far. Maybe He’ll see me the rest of the way through.

If not, the clipper ship is His to sink; the tower of cards is His to knock down.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that His purpose in all this effort and energy I’ve expended was not for the benefit of potential readers and historians but simply to keep me off the streets.

His ways are not necessarily my ways – but (sometimes) I suspect He knows what He’s doing.

Ginny is making a presentation at City Hall this morning. A lot hinges on the outcome. If you're inclined to pray...

Happy 32nd Birthday to Donald!

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